Company Profile

Corps Security Services has been one of the pioneers in the Indian Private Security Industry. The company has been a thought and knowledge leader since its inception. Since the time of its existence, Corps Security Services has endeavored to provide the best security solutions to its customers through innovation, commitment to quality, training and strict compliance to international standards.

The company has also recently ventured into cleaning services (Corps Security Services CASH MANAGEMENT SERVICES). Backed by a trained, experienced and well-qualified workforce, Corps Security Services delivers premium services with high quality and absolute integrity.

Corps Security Services believes in continuously upgrading the quality of our resources and infrastructure to support the ever-changing customer requirements. In pursuance to this, Corps Security Services was one of the first organizations in the security business to implement a state-of-the-art ERP Solution to manage the day-to-day operations of the company.


To provide 24/7 security in a flawless manner for a client’s lifetime

“Our mission is to provide a comprehensive level of security to our esteemed clients with utmost dedication and sincerity using all accessible ethical means. We will always aim to remain one step forward in providing the most effective security solutions to our clients on a priority basis”


To be a leader in security and allied services with utmost professionalism

“It is our vision to provide a wide-ranging security service that encompasses the use of the best security personnel, devices, and means with the yardstick of thorough excellence”


We are proud to state that we are a distinguished private security agency with a strong track record of provided security solutions at various levels. We are backed by a strong team of trained personnel, comprising of a trained workforce, supervisors, and managers. Together, we are a strong team that acts unifiedly to protect your business against all threats whether perceived or real. It is our endeavor to provide security services with thorough dedication and complete integrity.